Whether you need routine maintenance or major automotive repairs, you want a shop that is staffed with certified technicians and properly equipped to work on your vehicle. First, we can help you make your car perform well and last a long time. Maintenance points such as oil and filter changes, keeping fluids full and fresh, tuning up the car as needed, and monitoring tire and/or suspension problems can prevent untimely major repairs or even the early demise of your auto. Second, when you do need repairs, you can feel confident that we will identify and correct the issue(s) for you. We can assist you with repairing brakes, remedying the check engine light, preserving the cooling system, or fixing a broken air conditioner. We also take care of timing belts, transmissions, fuel pumps, and more. Our experienced mechanics use the latest technology, including computer diagnostics, to promptly find and address the problems you’re experiencing. Regardless of what make or model you drive, we are your one-stop automotive repair shop.

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